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      One of the areas that YWAM and other global organizations are focusing on at the moment is #EndBiblePovertyNow. What does that even mean, what is Bible Poverty? There are still many people groups and languages that have yet to have the Word of God in their mother tongue, and of those that do, for many, it is not easily accessible.  Through Prayer, Translation, and Distribution, we are striving to end Bible poverty so that every nation, tribe, and tongue will have access to the Word of God and the transformation that it brings.


        In Thailand, ShareBibles is a ministry focused on Distribution. It started in Chiang Rai, in Northern Thailand, but now has teams working throughout the whole nation. The Bible we use is the Thai SourceView Bible. The format of this Bible is set up as a script, notating who is speaking (black-narrator, red-God, green-main character, and blue-secondary character). There are also discussion questions to help readers go deeper into their studies by helping them observe, interpret, and apply it to their lives. The version we use now is the Gospel of Luke with the online code to read the whole Bible through the App. There are also links to the Jesus film, and how to get connected with a local church. Thai culture is a group dynamic and oral culture so this Bible has really helped to engage Thais, believers, and not-yet-believers alike.

        For distribution, we work with local churches, teams, and ministries to ensure that every home, school, and temple, receive a Bible. We track this data through our app, which allows us to record whether the Bible was received, rejected, no one was home, or a different translation or audio is needed. This helps us return, track our progress and provide the local church with a plan for follow-up. We know that discipleship/followup is critical so we wanted a way to make this realistic.

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