A blue woodcut pattern in a circle overlaid onto wood


As I begin my vacation I feel almost lost. I don’t have any agenda, and expectations hanging over my head, deadlines to meet. I am free but don’t know how to be. Surprisingly this phenomenon isn’t uncommon at all. When thinking about how to overcome this without creating work for myself, I decided to use the time to pursue hobbies that I love but don’t have time for. So for the next six weeks, I  have decided to start a campaign called #Stopandseethedetails. As I travel around Southern Thailand, I am going to Instagram random pictures as well as the typical touristy type. You will probably wonder why the heck is she adding this picture or that picture, but I want to slow down and take time to see small details around me that I would never notice when I am focused on my daily agenda. I hope to encourage the other addicts of social media to take the time as well. As you walk down the street look for random interesting shots to share your daily life with us. Use the hash-tag #stopandseethedetails and you could be featured in a weekly update here on my blog! Be creative and honest! Hopefully, as people see these they will share less negativity and more beauty! If you want to participate but don’t instagram feel free to share on facebook or through email.

Facebook: @nomadwithapurpose      Instagram: #stopandseethedetails    Email: nomadwithapurpose360@gmail.com

red and blue window pane decorated in Asian designs

Doorway to the East

walkway with striped shadow coming in from the pillars

No Darkness to Hide In

A blue woodcut pattern in a circle overlaid onto wood

Jade Gate

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